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It all started with Gordon

Gordon Leonard purchased McConnell’s Electric in 1973, renaming it Gordon’s Electric, Inc.

Along with his wife, Jan, and sister-in-law, Kathy Shaw, they started small but grew to employ  a   large  staff  of  journeyman  electricians  providing  services  to  the  eastern Oregon region  and well beyond.

A History of Quality: Gordon was a stickler for detail. And his work was his play so it’s no surprise that his expectation of his staff was the same. That’s how our reputation for quality was built. Our customers know that when it needs to be done right, they call Gordon’s Electric. 

Gordon at work

Gordon's Electric - TODAY

Gordon’s Electric remains in the Leonard family to this day. Owners Randy and Brad Leonard along with Jeff Holmes operate Gordon’s Electric utilizing the same attention to detail that Gordon was known for. 

Gordon’s Electric, Inc. works closely with commercial, municipal, and governmental clients, as well as private clients, providing innovative and efficient electrical installation and repair services. Gordon’s Electric, Inc. provides services to customers from southeast Washington and throughout the eastern Oregon region.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Along with the promise of exceptional quality services, the characteristic that sets Gordon’s Electric apart from the rest is the relationships built and nurtured with their customers and partners. These relationships are the foundation of Gordon’s reputation and seal Gordon’s commitment to excellent customer service.